• Friday, November 22, 7:00 pm
  • Saturday, November 23, 7:00 pm

Presented with Recess at Temp Art Space, 57 Walker Street

Hands Off, Molly Lowe’s absurd and otherworldly performance, is populated by an ensemble of characters whose bodies are comprised of fingers alone. Extrapolating from our current moment, Lowe imagines a future in which humans have devolved into base creatures – fingers with no hands, and digits that only know how to grab, push, and destroy. Dressed in full-bodied costumes, Lowe’s ‘finger-beasts’ are trapped in a set that is part obstacle course, part carousel, and which isolates each character from the others; try as they might establish contact. Lowe's intricate costumes and sets reveal her restless characters' inner states as they search for contact and true bodily sensations, as they strive to tear down the walls that separate them, and to escape isolation.  

Hands Off is a Performa Premiere co-curated by Charles Aubin and Allison Weisberg. Co-presented with Recess at Temp Art Space.