An exhibition with works by Maria Loboda and Robert Janitz, Amir Mogharabi, Nikki Columbus, Alexandre Estrela, Roger Conover, Roger Van Voorhees, Taketo Shimada, Alexandre GĂ©rard, and devised by Joao Simoes.

Opening reception with a sound set by Taketo Shimada (something with smoke and light), Prostheseum**, a home-made speaker),a talk by Nikki Columbus on Interspecies Animal Friendship, a special appearance by legendary artist Eduardo Costa, an emergency text by Roger Conover, a book launch*** by Alexandre Estrela, and most probably appetizers by Maria & Joao.

** a poem channelled first through a scientific research institution (Speech Laboratory at Barnard), and then re-channelled into a minimal electronic music form by Kayla Guthrie and Sean McBride.

*** an unauthorized collection of findings, coincidences and mirrors.