An exhibition with works by Maria Loboda and Robert Janitz, Amir Mogharabi, Nikki Columbus, Alexandre Estrela, Roger Conover, Roger Van Voorhees, Taketo Shimada, Alexandre Gérard, and devised by Joao Simoes.

Opening reception with a sound set by Taketo Shimada (something with smoke and light), Prostheseum**, a home-made speaker),a talk by Nikki Columbus on Interspecies Animal Friendship, a special appearance by legendary artist Eduardo Costa, an emergency text by Roger Conover, a book launch*** by Alexandre Estrela, and most probably appetizers by Maria & Joao.

** a poem channelled first through a scientific research institution (Speech Laboratory at Barnard), and then re-channelled into a minimal electronic music form by Kayla Guthrie and Sean McBride.

*** an unauthorized collection of findings, coincidences and mirrors.