Larger Than Love Press Release

-Larger than Love is a collaboration of the acclaimed artists Shony Rivnay and Lindsay Compton curated by Tim Goossens. At the heart of the exhibition is Shony Rivnay's monumental cloud- shaped installation Ehevuni -- a floating sculpture filled with air that nearly completely fills the vast space of the gallery. The surface of the fabric is entirely covered with the handwriting of the artist. Executed in the course of multiple months in his Tel Aviv studio, the work displays various sizes and repetitive patterns of the same Hebrew word.

Ehevuni can be translated as “you must love me”, a request that nears demand. The obsessive repetition of the word rendered in an intricate and precise format such as calligraphy, addresses the artist's need for embrace and acceptance both professionally and in his personal life.

Little by little we learn that there is a fine balance between daring to take up space and being too overwhelming. Ehevuni conveys a delicate dance amongst both ideologies and the artist’s plight between the two.