24 HR

Elspeth Walker and Nikholis Planck

Saturday, April 27, 7:30 -­10:30 PM

During 24 HR, Elspeth Walker and Nikholis Planck host a “virtual séance” in the basement of TEMP Art Space. The artists consider the all night party, working through the evil hours, a never-ending practice, and work for the sake of work. Five additional artists have been inducted to produce video works —some transmitted LIVE (via Skype) and some pre-recorded— that intersperse with Walker and Planck’s performative action. The seven performers thus form a mediated coven, the energetic links drawn between them fueling the collective action. The artists perform tasks that must be executed in the ceremonial setting of an anecdotal studio. In their accumulation of live performance, projected video, and performative stand-in objects, Walker and Planck represent just a fraction of the 24 HR cycle in the adopted atmosphere of the gallery basement.